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Public Health Services

Water Supply
  • . To study and analyze basic data with respect to water requirement, consumption and storage including fire fighting needs with due consideration to existing /future plans.
  • To design transmission line from specified water source to storage facilities.
  • Analyze water quality and determine need of water treatment.
  • If necessary design water treatment facilities depending upon water source.
  • Determine underground / overhead storage facilities.
  • Design water distribution pipelines from storage tanks to various water consumption centers and / or Hydro pneumatic system.
  • Determine fire fighting water requirements and work out suitable storage.
  • Design hot water distribution system for solar hot water system, if any.
  • Design and work out details for Swimming pool filtration system and re circulation piping.
  • Prepare detailed drawings for laying proposed pipelines (transmission and distribution).
  • Prepare detailed specifications for water supply components/ piping.
  • Prepare bill of quantities for water supply components/piping.
  • Work out cost estimates for water supply system.
Storm Water / Rain Water Harvesting
  •  Collect data with respect to total rainfall, rainfall intensity, contributing area etc.
  • Study existing contour plan and determine economical alignment for storm water drainage system.
  • Design storm water including roof drainage / area drainage lines.
  • To prepare drawing of identified alignments for execution purpose. 26.
  • To prepare drawings for appurtenances like inlet drain, chambers/ man holes etc.
  • Design / prepare storm water harvesting system for roof top as well as area drainage.
  • Prepare bill of quantities.
Fire Fighting Services
  • To design and prepare working drawings to include all aspects of fire fighting facilities such as underground and overhead water storage tanks, wet riser cum down comer, hydrants, rose reel and hose box, sprinkler system design, main pump, sprinkler pump, booster pump, jockey pump design, pipe sizing, fire alarm system etc. based on fire N.O.C.
  • To provide technical specifications for all the works to be done at site.
  • To provide schedule of quantities and assisting the client for selection of right materials.
  • To assist during commissioning of system after completion of work.
Drainage / Sanitation
  • Study existing contour plan and decide tentative pipeline alignment for sewage.
  • Study alignment survey details at site and prepare relevant drawings for laying sewer
  • .Design sewer lines based on data and above contour/alignment survey.
  • Prepare detailed specifications for piping system.
  • Prepare ‘L’sections for total piping system.
  • Prepare drawings for other work like manhole, flushing tank and bathroom/toilet/drawings etc.
  • Design septic tank/anaerobic filter/ soak pits or centralized sewage treatment plant and its disposal / reuse of waste water.
  • Prepare bill of quantities.
  • Work out cost estimates for drainage system and sewage treatment plant.