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MOEF / Environment Clearance

 All necessary drawings and supporting documents for energy saving methods and Power consumption sheets with detailed break up for entire projects ,providing as per requirements of Approving authority. Design for Eco friendly and green concept for power quality as well as power saving methods and power controls with innovative technology.



As per standard norms of Green Building Concepts, as well as M.O.E.F. / Environmental standards.


a.  Save energy by using low watt lamps.

b.  Use non-conventional source of power to generate electrical energy       using solar
cell (PV cell).

c.  To control loss of energy by auto control methods.

d.  Use quality material to maintain continuity and quality of power.

  • Save energy as per standard norms of MOEF.
  • Sustainable energy systems.
  • Energy Audits, Energy Management for Property Management Companies,improvement of Power Factor,reduction in Harmonics.