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Electrical Services

Work Process
  • Data collection for electrical and other services through meetings with
    client/Architect and services consultants.
  • Electrical Load Calculations, Maximum demands, rating of transformer, substation type and DG set rating calculations etc.
  • Detail engineering design of the power system, cable distribution, panel and distribution boards, cable sizing, and single line diagram.
  •  Lighting design for internal and external with SLDs. Selection of fixtures and detailing of mounting.
  • Detail engineering layout drawings for lighting protection and earthing scheme
    and sizing.
  •  Design drawings for communications, LV system and security system.
  • Preparation of technical specification for electrical equipment and works, bill of
    quantities and cost estimate based on BOQ and specification.
  • Tenders for Internal and External electrical works consists of:

1. General conditions of contract
2. Technical Specifications
3. Bill of Quantities.
4. Tender drawings

  • Technical and Commercial comparison of quotes for various vendor, negotiations
    with contractor, preparation draft order etc.
  •  Preparation of electrical work schedule and planning based on available inputs
    from client.
  •  Regular Site inspections depending on work requirements, quality check of
    material used at site.
  • Check of electrical contractor’s bills of works and justifying the same with respect
    to measurement sheet and work done, testing and commissioning, checks for
    internal and external electrical works.
We Provide
  • Design Base report based on input of Architect and Client.
  • Preparation of Preliminary Layout for Internal and External Services.
  •  Preparation of Project Electrical Budgetary Cost for External and
    Internal Works.
  • Preparation of Final Working Layouts of Electrical Lighting and
    Conduit. Switch board and Distribution board details with individual
  • Standard specifications of electric accessories and equipment.
  • Preparation of Meter room layout with Conventional or ready made
    cubicle type.
  • Single Line Diagram with common area metering scheme of Single or Multiple Meter scheme.
  • Details of Earthing Stations and schematic.
  • Single Line Diagram with common area metering scheme of Single or
    Multiple Meter scheme.
  • Preparation of Street light layout for Road lighting as well as
    Landscaped lighting design and auto control system for parking as well
    as landscaped lighting.
  • Lightening Arrest or design with conventional as well as early streamer
  • Layout of H.T. / L.T. Cables, Cable Route.
  • Transformer Yard Layout for civil construction activity with Plan,
    Trench and with sectional details.
  • Diesel Generator Rating calculations and Sizing Plinth Details layouts.
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels with harmonic distortion
    reactors/fixed type capacitor bank for common area load.a